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We realised that there were a lot of people looking to expand their companies onto mobile devices and we answered. We now offer Android app design and development.

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Want to expend your business onto the mobile app scene? If so then we are the people for you, we work closely with you to develop an app that you and your customers will love.

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The Defiblocator app allows a user to locate defibrillators accross the UK and to be directed to the one that is closest to their current location. This app was made primarily to help people and as such has recieved a lot of positive comments from a large quanitity of people.
Soon after release this app was featured in a lot of newspapers across the country but the most notible is the Hastings Observer as well as the surrounding areas respective Observers both in print and online.
The app now has over 3000 downloads across IOS and Android and is still growing.
This app features:

  • A Database of over 750+ defibrillators in the UK.
  • Ability to locate the closest defibrillator.
  • Ability to be directed to any defibrillator on the database.
  • Ability to add a defibrillator from within the app.
  • The small file size of the app means it can be installed without being to disruptive.

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YourWelcome Tablet UI

YourWelcome make tablets that get situated within rental properties that show the person staying there events nearby and locations of popular attractions. I was invited up to the YourWelcome headquarters in London. During my time there I thought of and helped designed a section for their program that would allow a user to hire rental vehicles nearby. My section implemented the use of services such as Zipcar and allowed a rental from within the tablet.

  • I thought of ideas that could be added to the app.
  • I then researched the implementation of third party services such as Zipcar.
  • Next I developed wireframes for the sections of the app.
  • The designs shown were then developed from my designs.


SounBite is an app concept I thought of that would be solely based on audio with little to no images attached to it.

This app could be used by comedians, poets, rappers, singers, podcasters and for a new style of daily log that I have named Slogs which is short for sound logs.

I was hoping that through an app like this it could stop some of the presures that social media platforms such as Instagram put on people to look attractive and always be out doing cool stuff 'for the gram' as I believe the teens say.

At the moment I have no plans to develop the app further than these designs, but if you would like me to develop the app for you or you also believe that this would be a good social media platform then I would love the support to get the app up and running.

Conquest Hospital Radio App

Conquest Hospital Radio broadcasts to the patients of the conquest hospital and Bexhill Irvin unit. We broadcast 24/7 also across the World Wide Web. Downloading the app means you can take CHR with you anywhere in the world. Listen to your favourite presenter and enjoy the great music we play.

  • Stream CHR anywhere in the world
  • Access the latest update of the schedule

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